Evolution of the ETRM Market

Mike Muse, Vice President of Quorum, provides insight on new entrants looking to address the market’s needs of finding a quality, feature-rich software solution to cost-effectively manage their energy marketing and risk management demands. Read The... Read More


Reconciling Land GIS Data with Survey Grid Updates

In this Geospatial Today article, a Quorum GIS expert proposes a systematic approach to reconciling operational data with the latest survey grid updates that helps companies keep their data in sync with survey grid updates.... Read More


Reading the ROW Data

In this World Pipelines article, Cleve Hogarth, Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Quorum Business Solutions, Inc., USA, talks tools and processes to optimize data management for pipeline right-of-way projects. Comprehensive ROW management system benefits discussed... Read More


Understanding the gas measurement audit process

In this article for PipeLine & Gas Technology, Bruce Wallace, Senior Product Specialist for PGAS Flow Measurement software at Quorum Business Solutions, reviews the various types of gas measurement audits that companies may face.  ... Read More


A Builder + A Problem Solver = Cleve Hogarth

Cleve Hogarth, Managing Director of Quorum Business Solutions, in this Pipeline & Gas Journal interview, provides perspective on changes in the energy business, with specific focus on information technology. The interview explores how oil and... Read More


Quorum bucking economic trend, says CEO Paul Weidman

Paul Weidman, CEO of Quorum Business Solutions, in this Oil & Gas Financial Journal interview, discusses the oil and gas business management software company’s success and future plans including growth and establishing itself as the... Read More


Avoid Data Management Pitfalls

This Quorum whitepaper discusses an ongoing concern among energy companies regarding the need for an effective strategy for management of volumetric and financial data. Pros and cons of utilizing spreadsheets (internal systems) versus commercially developed... Read More

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