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Since 1998, Quorum has demonstrated a track record of successfully deploying efficient, cost effective solutions that help companies meet performance goals.

Solutions for the Midstream Sector

  • Midstream energy company
  • Gas plant operator
  • Gas processing
  • Gas treating
  • Gas gathering
  • NGL processor
  • NGL fractionator
  • Liquids (NGL) marketer
  • Gas marketer
  • Producer services
  • Integrated oil & gas company

Midstream Oil and Gas - industry sector

Midstream - the bridge between oil and gas producers and end users

The Midstream Oil and Gas sector involves gathering, processing, transportation and marketing of natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL). The sector includes gas gathering systems, gas processing facilities, intrastate pipelines, interstate pipelines gas marketers and natural gas liquids (NGL) marketers. The gas processing segment consists of various gas plant facilities including fractionation, cryogenic, treating and separation. Various midstream asset configurations are found, including: facilities that gather, process and transport gas for third party shippers, operators that act as a merchants utilizing the assets for their own buy/sell needs, or combinations of both.

Midstream Oil and Gas Processes and System

Processes and systems for midstream operators to efficiently manage operations and commercial activities are critical to success.  Key elements include:   

  • Manage midstream transactions with customers including contracts, nominations, scheduling, allocations, settlements, imbalance, inventory and accounting for:
    • Gas processing plants
    • Gas gathering systems
    • Marketing natural gas
    • Marketing natural gas liquids (NGL)
  • Manage division order and disbursements
  • Capital budget management with financial controls, including approval process (AFE) and allocate approved funds to projects
  • Collect, organize, analyze and edit measurement data to prepare for operational and commercial processing
  • Reporting and business intelligence, executive dashboard, regulatory reports, etc.
  • Right of way management for gathering facilities including GIS mapping

Midstream Oil and Gas Software Solutions

Quorum has experience in the Midstream Oil and Gas sector in design, implementation and support of configurable, sustainable, scalable information technology solutions to manage business activities efficiently and cost effectively. Over 80% of all natural gas liquids processed in the US are managed with Quorum software solutions. In addition to software solution deployment services, we provide a full range of software solutions specific to the Midstream Oil and Gas sector, including:  



Quorum Enterprise-wide Software Portfolio for Midstream Energy sector


Gas Gathering

          AFE (including approval process)    
    Capital Budget Tracking    
  Land / Property Management    Right Of Way Management      

Right Of Way Management

    Land Acquisition      

Land Acquisition

    PGAS - Liquid / Gas Measurement    
  Transaction Systems
  • Gathering
  • Gas Plant
  • Pipeline
  • Marketing
  Gathering Management       Gas Marketing

Gas Marketing

  Liquids (NGL) Marketing

Liquids (NGL) Marketing

  Contract Admin   Contract Management (enterprise-wide)
  Financial Accounting   Financial Accounting (GL, AP, AR)
  Fixed Asset Accounting   Fixed Asset & Depreciation (DD&A) Accounting
    Equipment Inventory Management & Accounting
    Joint Interest Billing (JIB) / Joint Venture Accounting    
    Division Order & Disbursements (DO&D)        
  Marketing Management   Gas Marketing
    Liquids (NGL) Marketing
  GIS / Mapping            
    Multi Dimensional Reporting & Business Intelligence (BI) Solution