Quorum Business Intelligence Consulting

A substantial focus of our business involves deploying Business Intelligence solutions. As an SAP BusinessObjects Partner, we are authorized and qualified to design, develop and implement SAP BusinessObjects solutions. Whether your next initiative is related to migration, dashboards, performance management, reporting, querying, administration or development, we have the depth of experience to design and optimize an SAP BusinessObjects environment that will provide you with a total packaged solution.

Health Checks

Importance of Health Checks

Providing your BI environment with a Health Check can assist in maintaining functionality and may be essential to your system’s future success. Your company may be in need of a Health Check if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Inability to gain full use of all licensed products
  • Data or SAP BusinessObjects security incorrectly set up
  • Unstable or intermittent services
  • Substantial growth in user base since deployment of the initial system
  • Inability to scale to accommodate future business growth and demand
  • Slow running reports
  • Misuse of SAP BusinessObjects when leveraged to analyze business data
  • Information queried incorrectly and inefficiently
  • System operation not at peak efficiency, or suboptimal performance  and responsiveness
Quorum’s Solution

Quorum has experienced staff that are highly trained and SAP-certified. These consultants review your production environment and provide a detailed report on the strengths and weaknesses of the existing system. Recommendations along with cost estimates for enhancements to the system are included as part of our consulting engagement. If the Client desires, Quorum is equipped to implement the recommendations.

This process helps Clients identify opportunities to enhance company performance, security and stability. During a typical health check project, Quorum:

  • Checks the connectivity to your data sources and repository
  • Evaluates your semantic layer (universe) for accuracy (join traps) and ease-of-use
  • Analyzes the key reports for quality data and ensures that user requirements are met
  • Assesses the security model
  • Measures the response time of the key queries and looks for anomalies, including data source optimization
  • Evaluates report distribution and bursting within the organization
  • Enhances usability, maintainability and efficiency
  • Determines key barriers for successful migration
  • Educates on best practices
  • Empowers the user base


Quorum provides hands-on training for SAP BusinessObjects. Our Certified SAP BusinessObjects Instructors are actively practicing consultants with real-world experience, including Data Warehousing, OLAP, database design and administration, and business intelligence tools. This real-world knowledge provides a solid foundation of experience to draw upon to enhance the training experience.


Although system upgrades can be complex, costly and can impact application availability and performance, having unsupported software is not a better option. With the end of XI R2 support, your company may determine that instead of continuing to invest in unsupported technology it would be best to migrate to a newer version of SAP BusinessObjects. Quorum can provide your company with the migration expertise to help reduce the cost and risks associated with migration, while providing minimal disruption to your business infrastructure.


Dashboards are a particularly effective tool to quickly grasp indications about the ongoing operation of key business processes.

Dashboards typically incorporate innovative capabilities, including:

  • Intuitive, user-driven graphics
  • Display filtering
  • Summarization capability
  • Drill-down capability
  • Customized reporting
  • Interactive

Typically, dashboards are developed for each client’s specific requirements, reflecting individual business structures, physical assets, KPIs, and other preferences. Dashboards can be configured to draw information from key Quorum software solutions as well as third party ERP software, company solutions and company internal systems.

Data Marts / Data Warehouses

Quorum has participated in numerous Data Warehouse efforts at multiple customer sites throughout the country with expertise in the following areas: design, development, audit services, data warehouse optimization, data transformation and implementation. Our consultants maintain expertise with all relational databases, logical and physical design, application development, application implementation and integration, query optimization, database administration, troubleshooting and full lifecycle project management.


  • Quorum is SAP’s first partner to embed Crystal Reports into our applications and has created over 1000 Crystal Reports.  This expertise allow us to create pixel perfect reports quickly
  • Quorum’s deep expertise in universe and WebIntelligence development enables us to create robust, self-service reporting environments
  • We also have experience creating solutions to distribute individualized reports to thousands of users

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