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Since 1998, Quorum has demonstrated a track record of successfully deploying efficient, cost effective solutions that help companies meet performance goals.

Quorum Software Solutions Catalog

Quorum's portfolio of enterprise wide software solutions

The Quorum Energy Software Solution Portfolio is an enterprise wide set of integrated business software applications for companies that produce, gather, process, transport, store and market natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), crude oil, LNG and wind generated power. The inherent integration of the software solution portfolio allows the systems to work together to facilitate straight through processing. Clients may license what they currently need, and add modules as requirements evolve over time.

Following is an alphabetical listing of Quorum's enterprise wide portfolio of energy software solutions for oil and gas, renewable energy and natural resource.  Find the software solution that is right for you - click on any software solution name in the table below for features and benefits of each software solution.

Quorum Software Solutions - A to Z          (alphabetical listing of Quorum software solutions)
Software Solution Description
Quorum Authorization for Expenditure (AFE)™ » Capital budget tracking to allocate approved capital budget funds to projects while maintaining solid financial controls
Quorum Business Intelligence™ » A systematic, multi dimensional approach to addressing data access, display, reporting, end user ad hoc query, and executive and analytical reporting  requirements
Quorum Capital Budget Tracking™ » Forecast yearly capital budgets made up of individual projects, later replaced by approved AFEs for ongoing monitoring and revision of the yearly budgets
Quorum Contract Management (QCM)™ » Enterprise contract management, with configurable electronic workflow
Quorum Division Order & Disbursements (QDOD)™ » Manage all division order information and distribution of revenues to operators and interest owners
Quorum Equipment Inventory Management & Accounting™ » Manage and account for lease, well and yard inventory for the upstream energy industry
Quorum Financial Accounting (GL, AP, AR)™ » Financial accounting including general ledger, accounts receivable and payable and workflow for energy
Quorum Fixed Assets (FA) & Depreciation Accounting (DD&A)™ » Fixed assets accounting including depreciation and inventory management (DD&A), specifically for energy
Quorum Gas Marketing (QGM)™ » Management of gas marketing lifecycle including contracts, nominations, scheduling, and accounting
Quorum Gathering Management™ » Management of contracts, scheduling and accounting for gathering systems and intrastate, non-regulated pipelines (coordinated with TIPS)
Quorum Geographic Information System (GIS)™ » Geographic information system (GIS) for map presentation and spatial analysis of various data sources throughout the enterprise
Quorum Joint Interest Billing (JIB)™ » Joint interest billing accounting specifically for energy
Quorum Land Management (QLS)™ » Land management system including lease and related land contract and facility information for oil and gas E&P, wind generation, forestry, mining
Quorum LNG Management™ » Manage a wide range of transactions for LNG receiving terminal facility operations
Quorum LDC Manager™ » Manage commercial operations for gas acquisition and transportation management - including contracts, nominations, scheduling, balancing, invoicing, and accounting
Quorum Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Marketing (QLM)™ » Commercial natural gas liquids (NGL) marketing activities, including supply, storage, marketing, risk management and terminal services
Quorum PGAS® - Liquid / Gas Measurement » Enterprise data management software solution serving as the central repository for all quantity and quality measurement data for gas and liquids (incl. NGLs, crude oil, condensate, refined products, etc.). Also includes TechTools field meter test automation solution
Quorum Pipeline Transaction Management (QPTM)™ » Manage the entire set of interrelated business processes to support completion of transactions between pipelines and their shippers
Manage and account for monthly produced volumes, product sales and distribution of sales revenue to well owners
System to assist project developers to prospect and assemble control of land / property positions
Quorum Right Of Way (ROW) Management™ » Management of right of way contracts and obligations for pipelines and other assets
Royalty accounting and distribution of royalty payments for production to royalty owners
A modular solution for TIPS gas plant accounting that allows prediction of current and future production month processing results
The recognized industry standard for managing the full set of operational and commercial transactions between natural gas processing plant operators and their customers
Full featured, front-to-back office energy trading and risk management software solution for multi-commodity energy trading companies
Quorum Wind Generation Management™ » Addresses key business processes for acquiring, developing and operating wind generation projects