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Quorum Geographic Information System (GIS)™ - Software Solution

Software to manage geographic information systems (GIS) for map presentation and spatial analysis of various data sources throughout the enterprise

Quorum Geographic Information System (GIS)™ is a software solution that gives clients the ability to visualize data in a spatial (map) context from various systems within and outside of the enterprise.

  • Traditionally used in land departments, GIS is often extended for use across multiple departments, including production, operations, contract administration and accounting
  • Enterprise-wide approach to managing and visualizing GIS data
  • Offering tools for experienced GIS personnel and casual GIS users
  • Founded on the industry standard Esri platform

Quorum Geographic Information System (GIS) is integrated to the following Quorum software modules:


Quorum Geographic Information System (GIS)


Input Data

  • Any third party, public, proprietary geo-referenced data
  • Raster data, including aerial imagery, topography
  • Map services
  • Land survey grid
  • Lease ownership
  • Lease, fee, easement, contract polygons
  • Prospect, parcel polygons

Information Managed

  • Maps, layers secured by user or role privileges
  • Plat templates
  • Land agreement polygons (contracts, leases, fees, etc.)
  • Prospect, parcel polygons


  • Create & manage spatial data
  • Create layers from spatial, textual data, spatial analysis
  • Create maps
  • Locate, identify & zoom to information on the map using spatial & / or textual searches
  • View detail and reports from map layers
  • Acreage by section, county,
    cost center, prospect and land division
  • Spatial analysis: 
    • Calculate interests by
      depths & formations
    • Identify spatial cross reference of agreements, wells / turbines
    • Calculate area within a defined boundary



  • Custom maps, layers accessible via ESRI ArcGIS Server &
  • Analytical results derived from spatial geo-processing

Output Data

  • Maps, plats
    offered in various formats
  • Agreement,
    prospect, parcel spatial data & their derivatives offered in various geo-referenced formats
  • Web based maps for enterprise collaboration

Why Quorum Geographic Information System (GIS)?

  • Integrated with many modules in Quorum's enterprise-wide energy software portfolio
  • A framework for managing and securing maps, layers and GIS tools
  • A workflow to manage your data capture process
  • Minimizes manual and labor intensive drafting processes by allowing automatic generation of GIS polygons from legal description
  • Quorum Geographic Information System (GIS) supports the Quorum Land Management software solution
  • Product evolution is directed by an active user group
  • A component of Quorum's enterprise wide energy software solution portfolio- can be deployed stand-alone or integrated with other enterprise solutions

Quorum Geographic Information System (GIS) is used by various industry participants (large and small) in several sectors across the oil & gas, renewable energy and natural resource value chain. 

Geographic information system is a key function of the GIS / Mapping business process. Quorum provides other software solutions to support this and other related business processes.

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