Quorum Division Order & Disbursements™ (QDOD)

Quorum Division Order & Disbursements (QDOD) is software to manage all division order information as well as an integrated disbursements module to manage distribution of revenues to operators and interest owners

  • Serves as a central repository to consolidate all division order information and accompanying legal documents into one application
  • Facilitates distribution of oil and gas production revenues from operators to various interest owners


icon_check_blue Efficient/ Intuitive – quick to deploy, easy to learn, and simple to use

icon_check_blue Configurable – user configurable attributes throughout the system; integration into other relevant systems

icon_check_blue Compliant – support for regulatory reporting requirements; financial reporting standards (SOX, etc.); audit

icon_check_blue Scalable – used by majors & smaller regionals; proven capability with large transaction volumes

icon_check_blue Cost Effective – affordable total cost of ownership

Regular product upgrades incorporating new features and industry best practices – as directed by an active client user group

icon_qcloudQCloud hosting available as an alternative to on-premises deployment