Quorum Geographic Information System™ (GIS)

Quorum GIS enables organizations to visualize in a spatial (map) view, data captured from multiple management systems throughout the enterprise

Quorum Geographic Information System (GIS) is software that provides an enterprise-wide approach to visualize data in a spatial (map) view from various systems within and outside of the enterprise

  • Integrates digital maps, tabular databases, satellite imagery, document management and workflow processes
  • Traditionally used in oil and gas land departments, Quorum GIS can also be utilized across multiple departments, including production, operations, contract administration and accounting
  • Quorum GIS can be deployed on an integrated basis with other Quorum software, including:
    • Land Management System
    • Right Of Way (ROW) Management
    • Wind Management
    • Land Acquisition
    • Production Revenue and Accounting
    • Natural Resource Management
    • Ad Hoc Query and Reporting
  • Efficient/ Intuitive – quick to deploy, easy to learn, and simple to use; automated workflow
  • Configurable – user configurable attributes throughout the system; integration into other relevant systems
  • Compliant – support for regulatory reporting requirements; financial reporting standards (SOX, etc.); audit
  • Scalable – used by majors & smaller regionals; proven capability with large transaction volumes
  • Cost Effective – affordable total cost of ownership