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Quorum Right Of Way (ROW) Management™ - Software Solution

Software to manage right of way contracts and obligations for pipelines and other assets

Quorum Right Of Way (ROW) Management™ is an enterprise-wide software solution to capture, maintain and distribute all right of way information including easements, leases, fee property and contracts. 
  • Manage the entire life cycle - right of way acquisition, field data capture, construction, operation, and disposition
  • Enterprise-wide approach to right of way management, utilizing a single repository for data / information, accessible securely by all functions including right of way administration, legal, engineering, GIS, operations, and finance
  • Integrates with other enterprise systems including finance, accounting and production
  • Facilitate data acquisition and dispositions, data search and analysis, payment recommendation and processing, and reporting

Quorum Right Of Way (ROW) Management is pre-integrated with SAP’s ERP® system
In addition to the core right of way management functions above, optional modules are available for expanded capability, including:

  • ROW Web Screens - Securely access vital land data across the enterprise in a familiar browser-based interface
  • GIS - Integrated mapping for Esri’s ArcMap and ArcGIS Server
  • Land Acquisition - Web-based application to manage acquisition projects - tracks parcel information and status and contact information
  • eCalendar - This online calendar manages the payment and expiration process including recommendations, notifications, and dollar amount thresholds
  • Query & Reporting - Web-based ad-hoc reporting with functions such as summing, averaging, sorting, graphing and charting
  • Broker Interface - Capture new or renew agreements in the field, manage associated documents, and upload data into Quorum Right Of Way


Quorum Right Of Way (ROW) Management


Input Data

  • Easements, facility & storage agreement, fees & contract terms
  • Scanned documents
  • Property description, ownership information
  • Names & addresses

Information Managed

  • Obligations, provisions, statuses
  • Recordation information
  • Related pipeline, facilities
  • Payments, receivables
  • Ownership, chain of title
  • Financial transaction history
  • Audit history


  • Acquisitions, dispositions
  • Land ownership, title work
  • Payment approval, payment processing
  • Research by query, reporting
  • Regulatory, ad-hoc reporting
  • Mapping


  • Alerts & electronic notifications
  • Pre-configured reports
  • Line-list
  • 1099 file
  • Checks & invoices

Output Data

  • Ad-hoc inquiries
  • Enterprise system integrations to Revenue Accounting, Financial, Pipeline, document management
  • GIS integration

Why Quorum Right Of Way (ROW) Management?

  • A true, single, enterprise-wide repository for right of way management data / information (not an amalgamation of individual point solutions)
  • User-defined configurability to map to your company’s specific business process requirements
  • User-configurable rules and work flow procedures used to ensure data integrity
  • Easy access to and dissemination of accurate and useful information
  • Degree of access can be granted to users across the enterprise in a logical, secure manner, according to user-defined role definitions
  • Quorum Right Of Way (ROW) Management is pre-integrated with SAP’s ERP® system
  • Product evolution is directed by an active user group
  • Support for variety of pre-configured and ad hoc reports, as well as business intelligence
  • A component of Quorum's enterprise wide energy software solution portfolio- can be deployed stand-alone or integrated with other enterprise solutions

Quorum Right Of Way (ROW) Management is used by various oil and gas industry participants (large and small) in several sectors across the oil & gas, renewable energy and natural resource value chain 

Right of way management is a key function of the Land / Property Management business process. Quorum provides other software solutions to support this and other related business processes.

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