Quorum Business Solutions Inc

Software solutions & services to manage oil & gas, renewable energy and natural resource operation and commercial business processes

Since 1998, Quorum has demonstrated a track record of successfully deploying efficient, cost effective solutions that help companies meet performance goals.

Why Quorum

Why Quorum offers a better solution

Since 1998, Quorum has worked with oil & gas, renewable energy and natural resource companies to ensure efficient, cost-effective operational and commercial performance.   Quorum is not a typical software solutions and services company.  Quorum has designed a careful mix of software solutions and deployment services to offer our clients proven solutions that achieve results while mitigating risk.
Following is a list of criteria for which Quorum has established a clear leadership position in the oil and gas, renewable energy and natural resource industry:
  • Long track record of success
  • Functionally rich software solutions
  • Straightforward, affordable pricing
  • Quality results
  • Domain expertise
  • Methodologies
  • Product design elements
  • Meet deployment schedule on time and on budget
  • Ease of use
  • Training
  • Demonstration of genuine interest in client success
  • Market leadership position
  • Business knowledge, as well as the technological expertise
  • Include ongoing support as part of their basic business plan
  • Deliver on promises
  • Know what questions to ask and anticipate problems before they occur
  • Provide economic value

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