Setting the standard with oil and gas software solutions built exclusively for the industries we serve



From small business to supermajor, oil and gas companies of all sizes trust Quorum to manage exploration and production


Streamline transaction management to optimize operations and maximize productivity


More than 50k miles of pipeline in North America rely on Quorum's oil & gas software to drive operational efficiency

Canadian Oil and Gas

Advance operations with solutions designed specifically for Canadian oil and gas

Oil & Gas Accounting

Increase efficiency with integrated accounting and finance oil & gas software solutions designed specifically for the energy industry

Energy Marketing

Reduce energy market risk and streamline trading operations with a single, integrated software solution for energy marketing

Energy Business Intelligence

Gain insight with a single source of truth for reporting, analytics, and enterprise business intelligence


Manage the entire life cycle of land assets with a complete system for land acquisition, land management, GIS, and more

Field Operations

Integrate field operations with smart tools for field data capture, production management, SCADA, and measurement

Processing, Gathering, and Transportation

Streamline transaction management throughout the energy value chain with automated processes and integrated systems

Canadian Oil and Gas

Advance operations with solutions designed specifically for Canadian oil and gas

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