Authorization for Expenditure

Maximize efficiency and productivity with user-friendly AFE


Enable operational agility and quick, informed decisions with a mobile-enabled AFE solution designed to improve user productivity and efficiency

AFE Workflow

Automate AFE lifecycles with an easy-to-configure and user-friendly workflow engine

Budget-to-Actual Tracking

Consolidate project financials to provide an accurate, holistic view into project spending

Subscriptions & Notifications

Track project budgets and spending in real time with subscriptions and notifications

External-Partner Tracking

Notate and track partner interest, approval dates, commentary, and related documentation

Multi-Level Analysis

Analyze project actuals easily with dashboard data visualization and web pivots

Online Search

Reduce manual audit processes, speed reporting cycles, and improve reporting accuracy

Automated Accruals

Improve accuracy and reduce manual processes with digital and automated accruals


Improve infrastructure flexibility and security with Quorum hosted and managed service offerings

AFE Solution Overview

Learn how to maximize efficiency and productivity with user-friendly AFE built for a mobile workforce with this informative overview


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July 11, 2016

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Put users first with intuitive web and mobile AFE that delivers anytime, anywhere approvals

Simplify AFE Process

Simplify AFE Processes

Reduce the time required to create, authorize, track, and audit capital expenditures and project actuals by automating processes with persona-specific workflows and digital records. Additionally, reduce audit response complexity with digital audit trails, native reporting and integrations into master data, cost accounting, general ledger and other core financials.

Improve Project Visibility with AFE Systems

Improve Project Visibility

Ensure stakeholders have visibility into project actuals and budgets with automated accruals, budget-to-actual tracking, multi-level project analysis, and project subscriptions and notifications. User-friendly dashboards and consolidated project financials provide accurate, holistic views into project spending. This includes tracking external partner interests, approval dates, commentary, and related documentation.

Mobilize Approvals Workforces

Mobilize Approvals and Workforces

Enable mobile user experiences and anytime, anywhere work. myQuorum leverages standard web technologies to ensure users have access across all modern browsers to the functionality and data needed to perform their daily tasks. Additionally, by taking advantage of responsive design methodologies, myQuorum AFE has a consistent user experience and interfaces across smartphones, tablets and traditional computing platforms.

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