Core Financials

Streamline financial accounting processes with a single source of truth


Evolve beyond legacy systems, spreadsheets, and homemade databases with a core financials solution that improves accounting departments’ efficiencies.

Accounts Payable

Customize workflows to fit changing business practices as well as automate check runs

Accounts Receivable

Understand counterparty financial obligations with integrated Master Data and AP


Automate treasury processes and leverage flexible payment application options

General Ledger

Improve data accuracy and integrity with a GL that is centralized and digitized

Bank Reconciliation

Ensure accurate and timely month-end tie out of all transactional and financial details

Financial Reporting

Monitor financial health, while streamlining audit, regulatory reporting and compliance efforts

Close-Cycle Management

Reduce close-cycle efforts with user-friendly dashboards and flexible reporting


Improve infrastructure flexibility and security with Quorum hosted and managed service offerings

myQuorum Accounting

Learn how to simplify accounting processes and improve reporting with transparent workflows and user-friendly dashboards


Product Overviews

August 26, 2016

myQuorum Accounting

Learn how to simplify accounting processes and improve reporting with transparent workflows and user-friendly dashboards


June 23, 2016

myQuorum User Experience Platform

See how Quorum helps tackle today’s biggest challenges with myQuorum, the industry’s first persona-based user experience platform

Product Overviews

May 05, 2016

myQuorum AFE

Mobilize your workforce with myQuorum AFE, enabling you to approve, track, and audit AFEs and budgets anytime, anywhere, and from any device


Address changing financial realities as you grow, without sacrificing accuracy or visibility

Simplify Compliance and Reporting Efforts

Tackle compliance, governance and reporting requirements with a robust tool set built to adapt easily to an ever evolving and increasingly complex energy regulatory environment. Quorum core financials is SOX compliant out of the box and natively supports multi-jurisdictional regulations.

With integrations into cost and revenue accounting, master data and division order, reporting is easy and more accurate, reducing the time and efforts required to address compliance.

QCFS-Improve Operational Efficiency

Improve Financial Efficiency

Reduce manual work with fully digitized AR, AP and GL, automated treasury and flexible workflows. Flexible reporting and dashboards allow finance departments to close prior months and move into the next month cycles simultaneously. Easily pull in AFE, cost and revenue accounting information, master data and contracts to improve cross-department visibility and better understand enterprise-wide financial health.

QCFS-Scale for Future Growth

Scale for Future Growth

Scale to meet the finance and accounting needs of any size organization with robust financial and capital forecasting and proven data management and security capabilities. Additionally, centralizing and digitizing core financials eliminates manual processes and data maintenance, which improves data quality and visibility across the organization.

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