Crude Management

Gain efficiency and grow your business with Crude Management


Streamline operations and maximize production with top-tier functionality such as shipper splits, in-line transfers and volume balancing

Nomination Transactions

Receive nominations directly from shippers via the customer activity website

Confirmation Response

Confirm nomination quantity as well as the receipt and delivery balance and in-line transfers

Shipper Splits

Input results of upstream allocations or shipper splits via the customer activity website


Balance volumes for each transaction using exact, approximate, and balancing methodology


Invoice capture fee rates, pipeline loss allowance, minimum required inventory and available for sale


Calculate inventory based on product and shipper; including line fill, tank volumes, and PLA

In-Line Transfer

Facilitate the exchange of liquids between shippers in the pipeline at a given location


Capture tickets from custody transfer points including API Gravity, BS&W, and Meter Factor

Crude Management Overview

Learn how Quorum will grow your business and improve operational efficiency with the Crude Management Overview


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Maximize productivity for crude transportation with the leading transaction management software solution

Crude Management-Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Enhance Customer Experience

Improve shipper and operator interactions and enhance customer satisfaction with an all-in-one portal that seamlessly:

  • Provides shippers with a view of current and historical flow data
  • Allows direct submission of nominations with real-time confirmation responses
  • Displays results of upstream allocations or shipper splits from receipt point operators
Crude Management-Optimize Business Decisions

Integrate Operations

Simplify accounting processes with an automated software solution that integrates operations utilizing comprehensive functionality that includes invoicing, balancing, inventory calculation, and in-line transfer management.  Gain further efficiencies through dynamic reporting capabilities that deliver data visibility to drive better business decisions and operational optimization.

Crude Management-Increase Operational Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Support the entire set of interrelated business processes for shippers and increase operational efficiency by:

  • Managing complex interdependencies related to scheduling, inventory, and invoicing
  • Automating shipper balancing to ensure accuracy and data integrity
  • Maximizing downstream marketing with tools that indicate minimum required system volume and inventory available for sale

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