Energy Contracts

Simplify and Automate Contract and Counterparty Management


Give energy companies greater control over and complete transparency into all contractual obligations and associated business operations

Routing & Approvals

Ensure data accuracy and improve efficiencies with an automated approval and routing engine

Date & Obligation Management

Mitigate the risk of missed contracts with proactive notifications based on key dates and obligations

Audit Trail

Reduce manual audit and compliance efforts with digital audit trails and tracking


Increase security and approval flexibility by integrating mobile and web eSignature solutions


Understand company health by tying cross-functional data to contractual obligations


Gain visibility into upcoming key contract dates in order to take action and simplify tasks

Contract Brief

Get quick insight into all key dates and contract terms with a single summary of contracts


Improve security with group- or user-level administration based on granular access policies

Energy Contracts Overview

Learn how contract, legal, and compliance teams can reduce contract and counterparty lifecycle complexity


Product Overviews

August 26, 2016

Energy Contracts

Learn how contract, legal, and compliance teams can reduce contract and counterparty lifecycle complexity

Product Overviews

August 26, 2016

Energy Marketing: Risk Management

Find out how Quorum helps energy companies manage risk and credit exposure, quickly transforming information into actionable insights

Product Overviews

May 05, 2016

Land Management

Read the Land Management Overview to see how your company can benefit from a single source for managing leases, contracts, fee properties, and more

Product Overviews

August 26, 2016

LNG Management

Read the LNG Management Overview to see how Quorum simplifies terminal and customer transactions to maximize revenue

Product Overviews

August 26, 2016

LDC Manager

Learn how a single solution provides LDCs with all the tools to ensure and simplify energy delivery as well as optimize and streamline transportation


Reduce contract lifecycle complexity and ensure visibility across all obligations

Energy Contracts-Simplify Contract Management

Simplify Contract Management

Improve efficiency and productivity by tailoring dashboards to user-specific roles and responsibilities and eliminating unnecessary paperwork by digitally consolidating all contracts and contract types.

Streamline by:

  • Leveraging a clause library
  • Guiding document generation
  • Contract creation with wizards
  • Automating workflows and approval routing
  • Prompting user action
  • Integrating eSignature and Enterprise Content Management solutions to link executed contracts and supporting documents
Energy Contracts-Reduce Enterprise Risk

Reduce Enterprise Risk

Understand impacts to­­ top- and bottom-line revenue by coupling transactional data and contractual obligations. Improve data quality by integrating master data and contracts with built-in quality assurance controls. Reduce data sprawl and ensure data consistency across multiple Quorum applications with a single-source-of-truth. Gain visibility into key contract dates and terms with a single contract summary and ensure proper action with a calendar and proactive notifications.

Energy Contracts-Greater Approval Flexibility

Greater Approval Flexibility

Increase security by integrating mobile and web eSignature. Enable anytime, anywhere mobile approvals with an HTML5-enabled, responsively designed energy contracts solution. The approval engine provides users with standard or custom routing options and insight into document location within the approval process and enables on-fly adjustments to routing mid process if needed.

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