Energy Marketing

Automate and expedite energy position, risk, logistics and settlement operations


Simplify and optimize energy marketing business processes with actionable information built atop an easy-to-use, front-to-back-office software solution


Improve decisions with data-driven, user-friendly analytics, reporting, and dashboards

Credit Management

Measure credit exposure and liability with real-time, integrated market and counterparty data


Streamline settlement processes, including counterparty checkout, inventory valuation, and invoicing

Deal Capture

Standardize and automate deal capture and processing to drive greater deal efficiency

Position Reporting

Ensure position management accounts for market dynamics with data-driven reporting


Increase efficiency and ensure nomination accuracy with automated submissions


Deliver final scheduled quantities and allocations automatically into the acquisition dashboard

Information Flexibility

Capture and manage multiple commodities, currencies, trading intervals and units of measure

Energy Marketing Webinar

Move beyond hard-to-use, hard-to-adapt legacy marketing that doesn’t deliver actionable information. Address 3 hurdles to energy marketing success


Product Overviews

August 26, 2016

Energy Marketing: Risk Management

Find out how Quorum helps energy companies manage risk and credit exposure, quickly transforming information into actionable insights

Product Overviews

August 26, 2016

Energy Marketing: Supply Management

See how Quorum improves visibility into energy acquisition and supply with easy-to-use tools to improve management across commodities

Product Overviews

August 26, 2016

Energy Contracts

Learn how contract, legal, and compliance teams can reduce contract and counterparty lifecycle complexity

Product Overviews

August 26, 2016

LDC Manager

Learn how a single solution provides LDCs with all the tools to ensure and simplify energy delivery as well as optimize and streamline transportation


Deliver transparency across the energy value chain for both physical and financial market participants

Energy Marketing-Adapt for the Future

Adapt for the Future

Drive long-term value with a flexible software solution that can adapt to the changing market dynamics of today and the future. With native support for multiple currencies, commodities, trading intervals and units of measure, marketing operations can use a single, enterprise-wide solution. APIs and open integration with other Quorum software solutions and non-Quorum applications enable further extensions to drive additional value and streamlined operations.

Energy Marketing: Better Quicker Decisions

Better & Quicker Decisions

Embed real-time data into all aspects of the decision-making process to ensure risk-based decisions fully account for evolving market conditions and internal strategies. Understand changes to supply, credit, and risk with advanced analytics, robust financial modeling, a single-source-of-truth data warehouse, and user-friendly dashboards. Out-of-the-box and customizable tools make valuation easy.

Energy Marketing-Reduce manual processes

Reduce Manual Processes

Simplify energy position, risk, logistics and settlement operations and compliance with automated risk leg assignment and support for deal lifecycles (deal capture, nominations, and settlements), using standard and customizable templates, blotters, and configurable workflows. Provide enhanced support for multi-modal, multi-model scheduling, including inventory valuation, logistics and settlement.

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