GIS Mapping

See, analyze, and understand geographic data to improve decision making


Increase accuracy and efficiency in land management with extensions to Esri® ArcGIS

GIS-Trust Industry-Leading Technology

Trust Industry-Leading Technology

Rely on the latest technology from industry leaders in land management and GIS. Quorum GIS provides an enterprise-wide approach to visualizing data in a spatial (map) view from systems inside and outside of the organization. Quorum GIS is fully integrated with Quorum Land Management and provides extensions to both Esri ArcGIS.

GIS-Gain Insight Interactive Mapping

Gain Insight with Interactive Mapping

Gain critical insight into your most important assets and share information across the organization. Quorum GIS offers mapping tools for both experienced GIS professionals as well as casual users. From the land department to the executive suite, web-based access to mapping provides better visibility and improves your ability to identify potential opportunities and react quickly.

GIS-Increase Efficiency in Land Management

Increase Efficiency in Land Management

Increase efficiency with an integrated system from Quorum that offers:

  • Core Land Management
  • Land Acquisition
  • GIS Mapping
  • eCalendar
  • Division Order

To meet your company’s specific business requirements and generate bottom-line results, Quorum also offers flexibility that lets you integrate land management with financial accounting, from Quorum or a third party, as well as enterprise content management systems.

Land-On-Demand Webinar

Learn how to start small and grow big with Quorum’s industry-leading land management system now available in the cloud and on demand


Manage the entire life cycle of land assets with the trusted industry leader for more than 20 years

GIS Integration

Organize, create, display, and manage geospatial data for land assets with extensions to Esri ArcGIS


Combine digital maps, tabular databases, satellite imagery, document management, and workflow

Data Layers

View maps with multiple culture, survey grid, proprietary, and analysis data layers

Map Polygons

Map polygons with spatial data creation for PLSS, Texas, Carter, Offshore, and Tax Parcel survey areas

Agreement Search

Search across almost all of the data available in Quorum Land Management with integrated GIS

Web-Based Access

Share information about your assets across departments with web-based access to maps

Automated Mapping

Automatically generate GIS tracts based on legal descriptions and aliquots


Start small and grow big with land management and GIS delivered in the cloud and on demand


Product Overviews

July 11, 2016

Land Management

Read the Land Management Overview to see how your company can benefit from a single source for managing leases, contracts, fee properties, and more


July 12, 2016

Start Small. Grow BIG.

Learn how to start small and grow big with Quorum’s industry-leading land management system now available in the cloud and on demand

Case Studies

July 28, 2016

Ameredev Speeds Towards Acquisitions with Quorum Land-On-Demand

Learn how Ameredev, a startup exploration and production company, was up and running with integrated land management and GIS in just five weeks

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