Land Acquisition

Accelerate lease acquisition with secure, online tools for landmen and brokers


Leverage the most widely adopted integrated land acquisition system in the industry

Acquisition Management

Create and manage multiple lease acquisition projects, assigning them to one or many brokerage firms

Comprehensive Tracking

Track complete agreement details: lessor names, negotiation notes, mineral interest, acreage, etc

Configurable Data Entry Rules

Configure data entry rules and requirements to meet the specific needs of your business

One-Time Data Entry

Reduce data entry time by enabling agreements to flow directly into Quorum Land Management

Broker Management

Track broker performance, measure quality and cycle time, and ensure guidelines are being followed

Mapping Integration

View, analyze, and understand land assets with seamless integration to Esri® ArcGIS

Document Management

Upload, attach, and retrieve files including deeds, ownership reports, plats, leases, and more

Flexible Reporting

Gain visibility and insight into lease acquisitions with standard and ad-hoc reports

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Product Overviews

July 11, 2016

Land Acquisition

Learn more about the industry’s most widely adopted land acquisition software, integrated with leading land management from Quorum

Product Overviews

May 05, 2016

Land Management

Read the Land Management Overview to see how your company can benefit from a single source for managing leases, contracts, fee properties, and more

Product Overviews

May 12, 2017

GIS Mapping

Gain insight across land acquisition, title management, and land management by visualizing your data in a spatial (map) view


March 10, 2017

Title Management

Create and assign tasks related to the creation of runsheets, ownership reports, and title opinions to individual brokers and attorneys

Product Overviews

August 26, 2016


Read more about online and calendar-based payment and obligation management software, integrated with leading land management from Quorum

Product Overviews

August 26, 2016

Right of Way Management

Learn how to maximize efficiency and productivity with user-friendly right of way management software from Quorum


Automate processes for establishing land ownership, tracking progress, and generating agreements

Automate Busines Processes with Land Acquisition

Automate Business Processes

Connect your land brokers in the field with your back-office land teams. Quorum Land Acquisition provides secure, web-based workflow that streamlines land acquisition by automatically generating, reviewing, and approving lease agreements and payments. And now Quorum Land Acquisition makes it possible to replace email- and paper-based title management with new integrated workflow that stores and handles all title opinion data.

Land Acquisition Dashboard: Gain Visibility Insight

Gain Visibility and Insight

Gain visibility and insight into lease acquisitions with powerful built-in reporting and ad-hoc reporting. Quorum Land Acquisition gives land professionals the ability to schedule, distribute, and export standard land reports. Also, non-technical users benefit from easy-to-use tools for building custom reports. Plus, seamless integration with myQuorum Land Management enables land professionals to view user, manager, and executive dashboards from within the myQuorum user experience.

Streamline Operations with Land Acquisition Systems

Increase Efficiency with an Integrated Land System

Because land acquisition is part of a complete land system from Quorum, you benefit from automation, workflow, and data validation that speeds the execution of new agreements while reducing data entry errors. myQuorum Land lets you manage the entire lifecycle of land assets with integrated solutions for:

  • Land acquisition
  • Land management
  • GIS mapping

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