LDC Management

Enable simplified energy delivery with visibility across the LDC


Streamline energy delivery and distribution with automated processes and improved customer experiences

Customer Activity Website

Increase customer satisfaction with a mobile-enabled portal for suppliers to interact with the LDC


Deliver final scheduled quantities and allocations automatically into the acquisition dashboard


Provide users the ability to submit, validate, and maintain nominations


Streamline settlement processes, including inventory, cost of gas, and invoicing

Imbalance Management

Capture, value, and report on imbalances across off-system and on-system assets


Improve decision making with actionable information driven by intuitive analytics and reporting


Capture measured volumes and allocate gas to service requester contracts


Improve infrastructure flexibility and security with Quorum hosted and managed service offerings

LDC Management Overview

Learn how a single solution provides LDCs with all the tools to ensure and simplify energy delivery as well as optimize and streamline asset utilization


Product Overviews

August 26, 2016

LDC Manager

Learn how a single solution provides LDCs with all the tools to ensure and simplify energy delivery as well as optimize and streamline transportation

Product Overviews

August 26, 2016

Energy Marketing: Supply Management

See how Quorum improves visibility into energy acquisition and supply with easy-to-use tools to improve management across commodities

Product Overviews

June 28, 2016

myQuorum Pipeline Management

See how Quorum maximizes throughput by managing the entire set of interrelated business processes for pipeline transactions


Increase operational efficiency with end-to-end gas supply and transportation management for LDCs

LDC Management-Improve Customer Experiences

Improve Customer Experiences

Enhance LDC-specific user experiences with purpose-built dashboards, widgets and workflows. Enable self-service clarity over the acquisition-to-distribution lifecycle with an intuitive, all-in-one portal. Improve supplier interactions with a mobile, user-friendly customer activity website. Additionally, support large customers and deregulated markets with Choice Programs.

LDC Management: Reduce Operational Risk

Reduce Operational Risk

Reduce end-to-end supply and transportation risk and strengthen business decisions with easy-to-use reporting built on a single, integrated software solution that:

  • Empowers users by providing greater visibility into changing supply and load dynamics
  • Alerts customers, shippers and marketers when action is required through proactive notifications
  • Delivers real-time, market-driven risk assessment and credit intelligence
LDC Management: Streamline Acquisition to Distribution Processes

Streamline Acquisition to Distribution Processes

Manage acquisition, supply, transportation, and distribution from one integrated software solution. Simplify cross-department operations with transparent workflows, pass-through automation from acquisition to distribution, and integrations with customer information systems. Automated mark-to-market valuations, WACOG processing, and PPAs further improve efficiencies alongside digital audit trails, multi-modal scheduling, and NAESB-compliant EDI.

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