Increase operational efficiency with all-in-one measurement software for liquid and gas


Reduce data management complexity and improve output quality with a complete gas and liquid hydrocarbon measurement software

Data Processing

Obtain tiered balancing for gas, gas equivalent, liquid and mass measurement, forecasting, and more

Consolidation of Data

Automate data import and data verification to ensure consistency between source and system data


Provide editing requirements with AGA/GPA/API and powerful graphical and tabular editors


Configure closing groups to preserve data as it was initially distributed downstream and externally


Automate incoming data validation that identifies: high/low limits, historic trending, and more

Asset Configuration and Maintenance

Integrate and automate management of asset testing, changes, new installations, and more

Quorum Measurement as a Service™

Utilize Quorum’s BPO offering Measurement as a Service to outsource measurement functions

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Empower field technicians with an automated mobile toolkit workflow to help with facilities

Measurement Overview

Learn why Quorum Measurement has been trusted by oil and gas professionals to increase operational efficiency for more than 20 years


Product Overviews

February 21, 2017


Learn how to increase operational efficiency with Quorum Measurement, all-in-one measurement for liquid and gas

Case Studies

July 28, 2016

Cheniere Energy Automates LNG Commercial Operations

Learn how Cheniere successfully transformed their business model due to changing markets and fully integrated their import and export LNG operations

Case Studies

July 28, 2016

AltaGas Improves Efficiency while Doubling Its Asset Base

Learn how AltaGas, a diversified operator and developer in energy, was able to improve efficiency while doubling its asset base


Maximize productivity, visibility, and accuracy with a complete gas and liquid hydrocarbon measurement software solution

Streamline Operations

Automate data consolidation between different fields and labs as well as streamline processes with scrubbed data that has been combined into one usable and report-capable database. Quorum’s gas & liquid measurement solution enables companies to collect and process measurement data in order to produce the best available volumetric and measurement information in the industry. 

Measurement-Minimize Risk

Minimize Risk

Reduce risk and ensure compliance with a complete audit trail. Quorum’s measurement solution simplifies end-of-month close with a centralized measurement data source. Quorum Measurement additionally allows the user to minimize prior period adjustments through automated validation results, which also manages data quality. This enables the user to optimize business decisions with timely, accurate data.

Measurement-Enhance Reporting Capabilities Data Management

Enhance Reporting Capabilities and Data Management

Maximize reporting capabilities with a variety of preconfigured reports, as well as business intelligence to ensure a streamlined business process. Quorum’s measurement solution also supports centralized enterprise data management for all liquid and gas measurement data including natural gas, NGLs, crude oil, condensate, refined products, and more.

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