Optimize production, reduce downtime and maximize profits with SCADA monitoring


Access, analyze & take action on your critical data in real-time from anywhere with web-based and cloud-based SCADA monitoring software solution

SCADA-Automate Production

Automate Production

Optimize oil and gas production by instantly delivering real-time production data and remotely managing assets via SCADA connectivity solutions. Poll devices in real-time from any computer or tablet device. Quorum’s SCADA helps oil and gas companies monitor and control critical SCADA equipment:

  • Flow Computers
  • RTUs
  • PLCs
  • Rod Pump Controllers
  • Gas Lift Controllers
  • Plunger Lift Controllers
  • Compressors
  • Vapor Recovery Systems
  • Automated Valves and Chokes
  • Tank Levels/Tank Sticks
SCADA-Enhance Data Visibility

Enhance Data Visibility

Enable users with real-time production data anytime, anywhere. Quorum’s SCADA monitoring software seamlessly runs on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Manage production with executive, management, and tactical-level dashboards that offer complete transparency into operations. Gain insight with comprehensive production reporting, projections, and operational statuses that allow you to answer not just what, but WHY.

SCADA-Maximize Savings

Maximize Savings

Save as much as 40% over traditional methods with Quorum’s SCADA solution. Proven to deliver fast ROI, typically in six months or less, Quorum has the most cost effective cloud-based SCADA solution on the market. Companies experience substantial savings by reducing operating expenses, downtime and production losses, and eliminating data latency and errors. Most importantly, companies can run Quorum’s SCADA in parallel with legacy systems during implementation, eliminating downtime and risk when you make the switch.

SCADA Overview

Learn how customers save as much as 40% over traditional methods by implementing Quorum’s SCADA


Increase operational efficiency with SCADA monitoring that can be up and running in weeks, not months, with minimal capital expenditure required

Monitoring Services

Get real-time monitoring and control via the web and mobile devices

Alerts and Alarms

Manage operations proactively with configurable alerts and alarm notifications


Improve visibility with executive, management, and tactical-level dashboards

Mobile-Enabled User Experience

Access data from anywhere, on any device with SCADA monitoring that is intuitive and easy to use

GIS Interface

View detailed maps that show real-time data for a well pad or site via GIS interface


Utilize 100+ standard reports including operational statuses, projections, forecasts, and more

Production Management Integration

Integrate SCADA data with manually captured field data in a single Production Management solution

Cloud Platform

Get unparalleled speed and performance with SCADA that runs on Microsoft Azure cloud


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