TIPS Gathering

Maximize capacity and reduce risk with integrated gathering management



Tailor allocations with user-defined field and plant configurations and allocation methodologies


Enable a shipper, agent, or internal user to submit nominations with ease


Empower operators and internal users to confirm nominated quantities by volume or interest percent

Imbalance Management

Maintain and settle contractual and tailgate imbalances through cash-outs and kept-in-kind

Gross Margin Analysis

Recognize profitability at each level with calculations for each plant, meter, contract and producer

Customer Activity Website

Improve communication with a website for external users to interact with operators to manage energy needs


Determine settlement volumes independently from physical allocations to allow for contractual provisions

Plant/System Balancing

Get energy balance and recovery performance across all gathering systems and plants with calculations performed at each level

AltaGas Case Study

Learn how AltaGas, a diversified operator and developer in energy, was able to improve efficiency while doubling its asset base


Product Overviews

September 07, 2016

myQuorum TIPS Gathering

Read the TIPS Gathering Overview to find out how your company can maximize capacity and reduce risk

Product Overviews

September 07, 2016

myQuorum TIPS Processing

Understand how Quorum can help your company gain productivity and efficiencies through complete operational integration

Case Studies

March 04, 2016

Quorum's Integrated Software Supports American Midstream Growth

See why American Midstream decided to standardize its operations on Quorum’s integrated platform of solutions for midstream oil and gas


August 30, 2016

Driving Operational Efficiencies with Digital Technologies

Read how myQuorum positions energy companies for success by increasing operating efficiency and eliminating manual processes

Product Overviews

August 26, 2016

Energy Contracts

Learn how contract, legal, and compliance teams can reduce contract and counterparty lifecycle complexity

Product Overviews

August 26, 2016

Query and Reporting

Learn how Quorum provides companies with flexible reporting and analytics that increase insight, efficiency, and productivity


Optimize complex, interrelated business processes for gas gathering systems with the industry leader

TIPS Gathering-Increase Operational Efficiency

Increase Operational Efficiency

Support the entire set of interrelated business processes for shippers and increase operational efficiency by:

  • Managing complex interdependencies related to scheduling and accounting for gathering and processing
  • Simplifying workflows by eliminating off-system processes and duplicate data entry
  • Maximizing functionality with user-driven allocations and more than 100,000 unique settlement terms
TIPS Gathering-Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Enhance communication with a customer activity website that provides functionality and reporting tools for both internal and external users.  The customer activity website enables users to:

  • Manage all their energy needs in a single destination
  • Easily monitor and maintain key business functions such as nominations, inventory and scheduling
  • Automate reporting and notifications
TIPS Gathering-Maintain Operational Flexibility

Maintain Operational Flexibility

Adapt quickly to changing business requirements with a highly configurable product that seamlessly integrates additional assets and other key systems.  From small startups to large super majors, standardizing business functions and performance metrics across complex asset configurations maximizes operational efficiency and optimizes business decisions.

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