Cheniere Energy Automates LNG Commercial Operations

“Cheniere is expected to be one of the largest global LNG suppliers and U.S. natural gas buyers by 2025 and the automation of key aspects of our commercial operations will help us provide world class service to our customers.”

Grant McCracken, VP Commercial Operations

Cheniere Energy, Inc. is a Houston based energy company primarily engaged in LNG-related businesses. Cheniere owns and operates the Sabine Pass LNG receiving terminal, the adjacent Sabine Pass Liquefaction facilities, and the Creole Trail Pipeline, and procures natural gas to supply its LNG terminals. Cheniere is also constructing a second Liquefaction terminal and second pipeline in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Cheniere was founded in 1997 as a small exploration and production company, but reinvented itself as an LNG importer and opened its LNG import facility in 2008. Changing market conditions such as shale-gas discoveries soon forced Cheniere to modify its business model once again, and in 2010 changed direction to pursue LNG exports. 

Cheniere is currently developing onshore liquefaction terminals and related natural gas pipelines along the U.S. Gulf Coast, including the $20 billion Sabine Pass Liquefaction and the $15 billion Corpus Christi Liquefaction facilities. Cheniere also owns and operates the 94-mile interconnecting Creole Trail Pipeline, with additional plans to construct and operate a 23-mile Corpus Christi Pipeline. The first company to build an LNG export facility in North America in more than 40 years, Cheniere is at the forefront of U.S. LNG liquefaction development and construction. With continuous development and growth over the past two decades, Cheniere was interested in finding a way to automate workflows and streamline manual processes for LNG and commercial services operations.

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