Operator Chooses Quorum Over Major Pipeline’s Internally Developed Software

“Quorum team was outstanding and went above and beyond. I definitely think we made the right choice.”

Vice President, IT

The client, a major natural gas pipeline operator, is a family of companies that owns, operates, and develops natural gas transportation, storage, and processing assets in the Rockies and Midwest. They control several thousand miles of pipeline with a capacity of over three Bcf per day. The client acquired three large pipelines and upon closing, there was a very short transition period for the client to assume all operations. This required the client to be up and running on a solution in a relatively short time frame, which they saw as a challenge given their complex operational requirements and the fact that some of the pipelines had been on the legacy system for over 20 years.

With the acquisition, the client had the option to utilize the custom legacy solution developed internally by the previous pipeline operator. While the legacy solution met the majority of the business requirements today and could be up and running very quickly, it also presented several significant growth and maintenance challenges that suggested it was not the right choice.

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