Quorum doubles key database’s workload while lowering DTU by 70% with SQL Database

"Our platform in Microsoft Azure is tried and true, born in the cloud and continuously expanding. With Azure SQL Database, we’re able to poll more devices simultaneously from a scalable cloud platform than any other solution in the industry. When the IoT wave really hits oil and gas, we’re ready."

Shawn Cutter, Vice President

To avoid disasters like the natural gas leak in California’s San Fernando Valley in 2016, oil and gas companies monitor drilling sites, refineries, storage tanks, and pipelines across large regions around the clock. However, the sheer scope of operations makes it impossible to manually verify that every mechanical part and process step are working as they should. This is why for decades, oil and gas companies have been using the precursors of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Although they provide some automated-monitoring capabilities, most SCADA systems are proprietary and some are built into industrial equipment. Because it’s economically infeasible to frequently replace equipment, companies can have multiple SCADA systems, some of which are thirty years old. As a result, technicians must manage these solutions individually—which dramatically impedes insight into enterprise operations.

Quorum understands these challenges that oil and gas companies face. The company’s platform of integrated solutions includes highly flexible, enterprise-wide monitoring and alerting software that can receive and analyze data from any system, sensor, and device, regardless of network protocols and data types. With the foresight to predict the upcoming flood of data that the IoT revolution will generate in the oil and gas industry, Quorum built its monitoring and alerting software on platform as a service (PaaS) offerings in Microsoft Azure. Quorum’s oil and gas customers are already improving insight and operations with the company’s innovative solutions, and now with Microsoft Azure, we are ready to help customers take advantage of the emerging opportunities facilitated by IoT.

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