Quorum's Integrated Software Supports American Midstream Growth

“The power of Quorum lies within its integrated solution set and our ability to use their common reporting framework to achieve a single source of truth.”

Ryan Rupe, VP Commercial Operations

American Midstream Partners, LP, is a growth-oriented master limited partnership involved in gathering, treating, processing, fractionating and transporting natural gas, condensate, and crude oil. American Midstream owns and operates more than 3,000 miles of pipelines that gather and transport over 1 Bcf/d of natural gas across the United States, including three interstate and five intrastate pipelines. 

Quorum’s relationship began in 2012 through American Midstream’s partnership affiliate, High Point Energy. American Midstream acquired assets from High Point Energy in 2013, which included 700 miles of onshore and offshore gathering and transmission assets. Since 2013, American Midstream has diversified into prolific U.S. resource plays, necessitating increased systems support.

American Midstream required a pipeline transaction management system to operate approximately 50 pipeline segments. It was most interested in utilizing a hosted system to mitigate the expense and effort of managing applications in-house. It was also crucial that the system provide key metrics and a functional dashboard to enable informed decision making and efficiently report operating data. As a result, the partnership selected Quorum Pipeline Transaction Management (QPTM), as the system addressed all functional requirements and was capable of increasing in scale to manage larger operations.

The partnership soon diversified its scope and size of operations by acquiring assets in prolific U.S. resource plays. This created a need for an integrated solution that would allow the partnership to streamline reporting across the enterprise, while effectively managing day-to-day operations. Quorum addressed American Midstream’s system requirements by implementing its portfolio of integrated midstream software solutions spanning the energy value chain, anchored by Quorum TIPS® -- the industry standard for managing midstream commercial operations.

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