Canadian Oil and Gas

Advance operations with software solutions designed specifically for Canadian oil and gas


Streamline operations with software designed to meet the unique needs of Canadian oil and gas. Quorum Canada has a thorough working knowledge of the full energy value chain. From wellhead to burner tip, integrated software solutions from Quorum reach across the organization to help you drive the most value in your energy operations.

AltaGas Case Study

Learn how Quorum is helping AltaGas grow with technology that keeps them ahead of the energy industry


Advance your business with integrated software solutions proven to drive customer profit throughout the energy value chain

Core Financials

Simplify time-consuming, manual financial accounting processes and improve reporting over financial health with transparent workflows and user-friendly dashboards. Quorum offers a comprehensive core financials solution that includes general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and treasury out of the box.

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Cost Accounting

Improve management over internal production and better understand fixed costs with cross-functional, centralized dashboards that deliver actionable, timely and accurate information. Across the oil and gas value chain, CFOs and controllers leverage Quorum to ensure current operational models deliver optimal financial performance.

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Authorization for Expenditure

Improve budget-to-actual tracking with automated accrual generation based on spending commitments and JIB actuals. As a flexible, modern AFE software solution with web-enabled authorizations, companies can:

  • Reduce approval and creation timelines
  • Improve budget-to-actual accuracy and visibility
  • Simplify audits with digital audit trails

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Energy Business Intelligence

Turn data into actionable information with a flexible software solution built to power intelligent decisions. Whether you need application-specific reports or want to develop an enterprise business intelligence practice, Quorum has you covered.

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Energy Contracts

Improve efficiency and productivity by tailoring dashboards to user-specific roles and responsibilities and eliminating unnecessary paperwork by digitally consolidating all contracts and contract types. Give energy companies greater control and complete transparency into all contractual obligations and associated business operations.

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Production Management

Streamline and analyze field operations through centralized cloud-based software that monitors and displays integrated data from Field Data Capture, SCADA, Measurement, and Allocations. Production Management dashboards and analytics deliver intuitive and integrated holistic views of your entire field operations.

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Field Data Capture

Eliminate frivolous expenses, reduce man hours, and avoid costly mistakes by capturing field data via tablet or mobile device and uploading that information in real-time. Field tested and approved, Quorum’s Field Data Capture empowers operators to gather production and field data within a single mobile app for all modern iOS and Android tablets.

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Increase operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance visibility with real-time automation and SCADA monitoring services. Access your production data anytime, anywhere from the web- and cloud-based platform. Designed for ease of use, the Quorum SCADA software solution’s intuitive and user friendly design ensures quick and easy adoption.

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Reduce data management complexity and improve output quality with the all-in-one measurement solution for liquid and gas. Quorum Measurement enables companies to collect and process measurement data in order to produce the best available volumetric and measurement information in the industry.

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Streamline operations and optimize visibility with Quorum’s fully integrated Allocations software solution. Enhance business processes by visually creating and managing your volumetric allocation networks. Designed with usability and scalability in mind, Quorum Allocations provides an intuitive software solution with an enterprise integration focus.  

Land Management

Simplify lease management for payments, expirations, depths/formations, obligations, terms, and other key data. With support for a wide variety of land agreements, Quorum Land Management enables you to capture, maintain, and report on all land operations and land administration information from a single data repository.

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Right of Way Management

Manage payments, expirations, obligations, terms, and other key data related to land assets. Quorum ROW Management supports a range of agreements including easements, right of ways, and more. Quorum makes it possible for midstream companies to capture, maintain, and report on all land operations and land administration information from one place.

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Land Acquisition

Streamline activities in the field with secure, web-based data capture to establish land ownership, track progress, and generate agreements automatically. With seamless integration to Quorum for land and ROW management, you gain automation, workflow, and data validation that speeds the execution of new agreements while reducing data entry errors.

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GIS Mapping

See, analyze, and understand land assets with fully integrated GIS mapping that provides extensions to Esri® ArcGIS. Fully integrated with Quorum for land and ROW management, Quorum GIS provides an enterprise-wide approach to visualizing data in a spatial (map) view from systems inside and outside of the organization.

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TIPS Processing

Maximize production by streamlining transaction and accounting management with TIPS Processing, the leading gas plant solution in the industry. With automated workflows and increased data visibility, gas plants are able to increase efficiency and quickly adjust to changing business requirements in order to continually meet business objectives.

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Pipeline Management

Increase throughput and optimize operations with Pipeline Management, the most effective transaction management tool in pipeline. With improved workflows, a complete audit trail and enhanced functionality in the customer activity website, operators are able to maximize productivity, reduce risk and improve customer interaction.

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LNG Management

Reduce cycle times, increase data accuracy, and maximize production with centralized and comprehensive transaction management. Through automated processes and real-time information the LNG Management software solution provides terminal operators the ability to effectively and efficiently manage transactions for LNG import and export.

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Crude Management

Optimize operational management, gain efficiency and grow your energy business using Quorum’s complete Crude Management solution. With enhanced functionality such as an all-in-one portal that streamlines communication and dynamic reporting capabilities that deliver data in real-time, companies are able to make better decisions and meet objectives.

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Terminal Services Management

Improve business decisions to maximize productivity and increase profits with the highest level of data visibility, accountability, and accuracy. With Quorum’s Terminal Services Management software solution, facilities are able to gain efficiency and maintain superior process control for facility and inventory management.

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LDC Management

Ensure complete control over local distribution company and utility logistics, including acquisition, transportation, storage and distribution. LDC Management reduces supply risk through better visibility, improves decision making with advanced analytics and reporting, and enhances supplier interactions with a mobile-friendly customer activity website.

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Trading and Risk Management

Easily manage risk and credit exposure. Quorum Energy Marketing helps users transform useful information into actionable insights faster, simplify decision making, and stabilize financial operations.

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Acquisition and Supply Management

Improve visibility into energy acquisition and supply. Quorum Energy Marketing offers an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy, and easy-to-support solution to improve management across commodities.

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“We see the future in Quorum, and in looking to the future, we really like the direction that we’re headed.”

- Paul Puscasu, Controller Gas, AltaGas


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July 11, 2016

Land Management

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Fully Integrated Software Solutions

Quorum advances the industry with an integrated software platform proven to drive customer profit throughout the energy value chain

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