Energy Business Intelligence

Gain insight with reporting, analytics, and enterprise business intelligence


Turn data into actionable information with a flexible software solution built to power intelligent decisions. Whether you need application-specific reports or want to develop an enterprise business intelligence practice, Quorum has you covered.

Query & Reporting Overview

Quorum provides energy companies with flexible reporting and analytics to understand all facets of the business and improve efficiency and productivity


Drive greater value from data and understand operational and financial health by improving business intelligence

Application-Level Reporting

Leverage reports that are specific to each software application. Application-level reporting includes specialty reports that address specific industry requirements such as lease operating statements as well as regulatory reports for state and federal regulatory reporting.

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Ad-Hoc Query Across Applications

Reduce manual processes with canned and scheduled KPI reports and simplify on-the-fly querying with an easy-to-use query engine. With Quorum you can slice and dice data into digestible formats to provide executives and business users with custom reports.

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Enterprise Business Intelligence

Access a single source of truth with common data structures and a defined system of record. Shared data allows for a single reporting environment, automated data mapping, and visibility into transactional data across the system. Quorum provides methods to pull Quorum data into an enterprise data warehouse or build a Quorum-specific data warehouse.

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Data Visualization

Get the most out of your existing tools and technology. To help customers who already have investments in business intelligence tools, Quorum supports multiple third-party data visualization tools such as SAP BusinessObjects, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and TIBCO Spotfire. 

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“Quorum collaborates with customers to deliver report-ready data into the appropriate storage architecture that enables advanced analytics and reporting.”

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Product Overviews

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Query and Reporting

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Fully Integrated Oil & Gas Software Solutions

Quorum advances the industry with an integrated software platform proven to drive customer profit throughout the energy value chain

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