Energy ERP

Streamline accounting and finance to make operations more efficient and agile


Eliminate manual processes, replace outdated systems, and quickly adapt to changing market conditions by putting the user first. Quorum’s comprehensive accounting software solution helps customers across the value chain, from supermajors to startups, with financial, revenue, and cost accounting, as well as authorization for expenditure and division order management.

Authorization for Expenditure Overview

Modernize your projects with mobile AFE that enables anytime, anywhere authorization, tracking and audit capabilities


Centralize front-to-back office accounting with a single solution that reduces manual processes and compliance efforts

Cost Accounting

Improve management over internal production and better understand fixed costs with cross-functional, centralized dashboards that deliver actionable, timely and accurate information. Across the oil and gas value chain, CFOs and controllers leverage Quorum to ensure current operational models deliver optimal financial performance.

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Revenue Accounting

Ensure upstream operators and non-operators production revenue and disbursements are accurate with automation, robust reporting, and a digital audit trail. Quorum helps to streamline management and accounting for monthly produced volumes, product sales, and distribution of sales revenue to well owners.

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Authorization for Expenditure

Improve budget-to-actual tracking with automated accrual generation based on spending commitments and JIB actuals. As a flexible, modern AFE software solution with web-enabled authorizations, companies can:

  • Reduce approval and creation timelines
  • Improve budget-to-actual accuracy and visibility
  • Simplify audits with digital audit trails

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Core Financials

Simplify time-consuming, manual financial accounting processes and improve reporting over financial health with transparent workflows and user-friendly dashboards. Quorum offers a comprehensive core financials software solution that includes general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and treasury out of the box.

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Division Order

Increase revenue disbursements efficiency and accuracy through division order automation and enterprise-wide transparency. As a comprehensive software solution for division of interest transactions and communications, companies can minimize risk, improve customer relationships and ensure timely delivery of revenue.

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Energy Contracts

Simplify contract and counterparty management, reduce enterprise risk, and enable flexible approval processes with a solution designed specifically for the energy industry. With full-lifecycle automation, energy companies gain greater control over and complete transparency into all contractual obligations and associated business operations.

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Drive agile and efficient operations with an end-to-end oil and gas accounting software solution that enables greater user productivity, eases compliance, improves reporting and data accuracy, and delivers transparency.


Product Overviews

Authorization for Expenditure

See how Quorum can help mobilize AFE with user-friendly dashboards, easy-to-use tracking, and improved data accuracy

Product Overviews

Division Order Management

Find out how to increase revenue disbursements efficiency and accuracy through division order automation and enterprise-wide transparency

Product Overviews

Core Financials and Accounting

Learn how to simplify accounting processes and improve reporting with transparent workflows and user-friendly dashboards

Fully Integrated Software Solutions

Quorum advances the industry with an integrated software platform proven to drive customer profit throughout the energy value chain


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