Field Operations

The most complete oil production software solution for managing and optimizing field operations


Eliminating siloed operations is the best way to improve the profitability of field operations- especially during uncertain times. Quorum’s Field Operations suite integrates and automates Field Data Capture, SCADA, PGAS Measurement, and Allocations, enabling decision-ready data through connected, lean operations.

Field Operations Solutions

Quorum’s Field Operations suite provides intuitive solutions for water management, downtime capture, route optimization, ticket management, and more


Achieve fast ROI and save as much as 40% with Quorum’s integrated cloud-based software solutions for field operations

Production Management

Quorum’s Production Management solution helps to streamline and analyze field operations through centralized cloud-based software that monitors and displays integrated data from Field Data Capture, SCADA, Measurement, and Allocations. Production Management dashboards and analytics deliver intuitive and integrated holistic views of your entire field operations.

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Field Data Capture

Eliminate frivolous expenses, reduce working hours, and avoid costly mistakes by capturing field data via tablet or mobile device and uploading that information in real-time. Field tested and approved, Quorum’s field data capture empowers operators to gather production and field data within a single mobile app for all modern iOS and Android tablets.

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Increase operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance visibility with real-time automation and SCADA monitoring services. Access your production data anytime, anywhere on the web- and cloud-based platform. Designed for ease of use, the Quorum SCADA solution’s intuitive and user-friendly design ensures quick and easy adoption.

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PGAS Measurement

Reduce data management complexity and improve output quality with the all-in-one measurement solution for liquid and gas. Quorum PGAS Measurement enables companies to collect and process measurement data in order to produce the best available volumetric and measurement information in the industry.

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Improve the accuracy and consistency of production allocation results with a single solution. myQuorum Allocations helps companies optimize production and ensure accounting results and reports. With real-time access to data, companies are able to adapt quickly and make proactive decisions.

“Quorum makes it possible for us to do more with less. Automating manual processes means that people can take care of more assets and that we can grow and add assets that let us maximize production.”

- Judson Shreves, Production Operations Manager, Gulfport Energy


Case Studies

July 28, 2016

Gulfport Energy Cuts Costs While Maximizing Production in the Utica Shale

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July 11, 2016

Automate. Integrate. Or Evaporate!

Learn how customers save as much as 40% over traditional methods with our free in depth Field Operations webinar


July 12, 2016

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