About Quorum

Quorum makes innovative software for hydrocarbon and energy business management. We’re advancing the industry with a platform of integrated solutions proven to drive customer profit throughout the energy value chain.

Since the Texas oil boom over a century ago, leadership in the oil and gas business has been built on innovation, strong relationships, and grit.

At Quorum, we believe smart thinking, trustworthiness, and perseverance still mean success in hydrocarbon management. And since the company was founded in 1998, we’ve put those values to work building both the best technology and the best partnerships.

Our founders have brought years of industry experience to support our customers’ bottom-line growth, and we’ve only hired the best and brightest since. We’re always looking to the future, so we understand the wisdom of reinvesting in the products that continue to give our customers the competitive edge.

We don’t just tackle emerging industry trends; we start them. We imagine new ways to use cutting-edge technology to anticipate what our customers will need—even before they know it themselves. This constant innovation has resulted in best-in-class software that drives customer profit throughout the entire hydrocarbon management value chain. We’re delivering on the cloud. We’re delivering on mobility. And we’re already working on what’s next.

Because however advanced our solutions become, our business is rooted in the kind of visionary thinking, partnership, and hard work that have always driven our industry. As our customers know, we put all this to work shaping the success they’re having today, and promising the success they’ll have tomorrow.