Quorum Customers

At Quorum, we continuously refine our offerings, investing in new technology, and consistently deliver best-in-class solutions to ensure that our customers have a competitive edge. Our proven track record of customer success gives companies the confidence they need to move their business forward.

Our business is rooted in the kind of visionary thinking, partnership, and hard work that have always driven our industry. We imagine new ways to use cutting-edge technology to anticipate what our customers will need—even before they know it themselves. As our customers know, we put all this to work shaping the success they’re having today, and promising the success they’ll have tomorrow.

Customer Benefits

Operational Efficiency

  • One source of truth
  • Purpose built workflows and modern UX platform that improve accuracy and drive down costs
  • Lower integration and maintenance costs


Business Agility

  • Linkage between field operations and back office
  • Single vendor responsiveness
  • Reporting from single source


Quorum Experience

  • Years of experience embodied in software that others just can’t replicate
  • 20 years of delivering on commitments including technology upgrades
  • Fully fleshed out products and solutions with 10s of millions of man days of development



“The power of Quorum lies within its integrated solution set and our ability to use their common reporting framework to achieve a single source of truth.”