QCloud Hosting and SaaS

Modern energy companies need flexible deployment options that support business agility and operational efficiency. Quorum QCloud lets you focus on your business instead of your IT infrastructure.

Focus on Business Instead of IT

Quorum QCloud experts host, manage, and support your Quorum software, so that you can focus on priorities that create business value. QCloud Hosting and SaaS offers a comprehensive set of data center infrastructure and managed services that enable customers to utilize our software products in a secure, hosted environment over the internet. Under this delivery model, Quorum provides the hardware, network, software, and IT services to maintain the infrastructure and application on your behalf. 

QCloud delivers significant benefits that make it possible for energy companies to:

  • Focus on managing business operations, not IT infrastructure
  • Reduce capital expenditures
  • Minimize software maintenance overhead and downtime
  • Scale to support business growth
  • Respond quickly to changes in operations
  • Support business continuity with automated backup and disaster recovery
  • Maintain compliance